Make these 6 egg-cellent inventions for Easter

By Adam Skobodzinski

It’s officially spring, Bitsters! So, let’s put a fresh face on the new season with some fun inventions to keep your Easter holiday jam-packed with innovation and excitement. Celebrate the season with bunny-themed robots, moving bonnets, and candy dispensers.

Get building now with these six inventions.

1. A bunny with twinkling eyes

Use the Makey Makey Bit to watch your rabbit ring its bell and wag its tail while its eyes twinkle. Way cool.

2. Easter bonnet

A six-year-old inventor designed a unique Easter bonnet with Bits. Now, that’s creative.

3. Vending machine

Did you find a ton of candy on your epic Easter egg hunt? Distribute your sweets and chocolates with your own vending machine.

4. Bunny e-mail

Interact with your pet rabbit with our cloudBit! Anytime your furry friend wants a carrot (or kale!), she’ll send you an e-mail stat.

5. Jumping rabbit

Create a diorama that moves in real time with Bits. Kid inventors can make this invention to help keep even the littlest Easter celebrators entertained. How sweet!

6. Bunny hop

Invent a dancing rabbit for a festive activity. This circuit uses the sound trigger, MP3 player, and DC motor.

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager


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