Makers Take Over New Jersey!

By Erin Mulcahy



On March 21st, makers from across New Jersey will be participating in the inaugural NJ Makers Day 2015 to celebrate and share maker culture. Commercial and public makerspaces will be hosting a wide variety of events and presenters, while other locations — such as select public libraries — will also host makerspaces for the day. In each location, NJ Makers Day 2015 will attract entrepreneurs, small business owners and young professionals, as well as children, teens and parents from across the state to share their enthusiasm for and interest in the culture of making and creating.

To help make this the best Makers Day ever, littleBits is participating as a game-changing sponsor by providing 50 schools, libraries and makerspaces with littleBits Premium Kits. Selected sites will join in our Invent Anything course, to help newbies and littleBits veterans level up their maker skills before the big day.

If you’d like to be involved, be sure to check out participating locations near you. We’ll be following all the action on Twitter @njmakersday, Facebook and our Makerhub.

Happy making! #InventAnything


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