Making STEM a Habit in 2019

By Allie VanNest

Some experts report that it takes up to 66 days of doing something consistently to form a habit.

As we embark on a new year, filled with new possibilities, it’s a great time to think about how to bring elements of STEM learning into your kids’ lives every single day. Eventually, STEM will become a habit for them — positioning them for future success at work and at home.

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Play! Make time every day to be playful. Play is one of the most impactful way for kids to learn. It encourages them to take chances, to think outside the box, to use their imagination. These skills are all foundational to STEM learning.

Embrace their passions. Kids are interested in everything from computers to mud pies. Following their lead and finding ways to incorporate learning as part of topics they already love is one of the most effective ways to capture their ongoing interest in STEM.

Be brave. Below is an amazing TED Talk from adventurer Caroline Paul, who talks about how gutsy girls who are not afraid to take risks grow up to be brave women. Paul provides some suggestions on productive risk-taking.

Solve real problems. An important part of STEM is problem-solving. Encourage your kids to think about problems they face on a daily basis. How can these problems be solved? Ask them to devise creative solutions, try them out, tweak and remix them, then share them with others. This process is the basis of the invention cycle, and puts kids in the right mindset to solve epic challenges ahead.

Are you still thinking about your New Year’s Resolution this year? Join us in making invention and creativity a habit in 2019. It’s WAY better than biting your nails… and who knows what we can accomplish together?!

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