Meet Mark Crandell!

By allison vannest

Here at littleBits, we work with a bunch of super talented makers who know how to get stuff done! Today, we’re excited to highlight yet another high performer on our team.

Mark CrandellMeet Mark Crandell, our vice president of sales!

Mark has been with the company since April 2018 and he’s already made significant strides in the way we measure success. Mark understands it is vital that we measure what matters; and at littleBits, our customers matter. They are our biggest fans!

Mark has is laser-focused on the end user, and he brings this thinking to the way littleBits analyzes and reports on our business. We recently sat down with Mark to learn more.

What attracted you to working at littleBits?
More than 65 percent of future jobs don’t exist yet, which means that schools need to be teaching students the skills necessary to excel in tomorrow’s job market — not the old-economy skills that are so common today. I like that littleBits is cultivating the next generation of problem-solvers and innovators; I think that’s a goal that we can all get behind.

Personally, I’ve been fortunate to have a long career in the consumer electronics (hardware) space. At heart, I’m a “tech gadget guy” and a forward-thinker with a passion for STEM/STEAM education, so littleBits — a successful hardware company focused on edtech — is a really natural fit for my interests, skills, and experience.

How will littleBits achieve long-term growth?
Focus, discipline and execution are the key to building long-term growth. A powerful sales team focuses on identifying its most critical priorities and then has the discipline to say “no” to any distractions that take its energy away from those priorities.

What is your sales philosophy?
For me, sales boils down to three really simple, really effective ideas:

  • Customer-focus. I believe that we cannot succeed unless we’re squarely focused on our customer. If we build products that delight our customers, they will reward us with their loyalty and support — ultimately leading to our success.
  • Consistency. Sales teams should say what they’re going to do… then do what they say. This is true in forecasting, business planning, and partner relationships.
  • Perfect execution. Solid execution comes from intense planning. Developing a living, breathing plan is essential for inter-department communication as well as for defining strategies and tactics.

What’s your maker story?
When I was four-years-old I made a drill! My Dad worked for Burlington Northern Railroad at the time; he decided to bring home a box of miscellaneous parts from the machine shop. When he arrived home, he gave my four-year-old self the box and went into the kitchen. After a few minutes, he heard a noise coming from the front room.

I found — and strung together — some wire, a small servo motor, and a few 12v lantern batteries. Then, I put the components together in what, to my young mind, was a logical arrangement… and assembled a small electric drill.

The bottom line? I like to analyze, deconstruct, and create — in a similar process to littleBits’ own invention cycle. I do this with music, food, business models, and processes. Together with the rest of the littleBits team, I look forward to creating something we’re all proud of.

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