Meet our BitStars!

By Vicki Grisanti

Meet our BitStar Expert Educators, a group of talented educators who hail from across the United States and collectively boast more than 350 years of classroom teaching experience!

We’re thrilled to have their expertise in the year ahead to bring thoughtful, compelling, and actionable content and programs your way. These all-stars will offer their best tips and tricks for classroom engagement by sharing their expertise in monthly guest blogs and case studies. 

BitStars are the teachers, coaches, librarians, specialists, administrators and after-school all-stars who seek out new technologies and design best practices around those tools. This group of formal and informal educators want to shape the future of educational coding and STEAM and inspire the next generation of innovators, big thinkers, and inventors.

BitStars shared a quick round-up of their favorite littleBits classroom learning tools. Explore some of their favorite resources:

While the resources are a great option to explore, we encourage you to engage with our BitStars and the extended littleBits community on the littleBits Forum. Share your ideas, explore new inventions, and ask questions! 


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