Meet the first female African-American to live in the International Space Station

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Astronaut Jeanette Epps is about to make history. She’ll be the first female African-American astronaut and crew member to board the International Space Station in 2018.

Photo by NASA

While 14 African-American astronauts have been sent into space, Jeanette will be the first to stay on the International Space Station for an extended period of time as a crew member. And, she’ll be the 13th woman to join the space station since it was built in 1998. Jeanette will launch in May 2018 for Expedition 56 and stay onboard for Expedition 57.

We can’t wait to see what happens on Jeanette’s missions and find her story so inspiring. Jeanette has been an astronaut since 2009 and has a PhD in aerospace engineering. Not to mention, she also spent seven years as a technical intelligence officer at the Central Intelligence Agency!

We think Jeanette’s ground-breaking story is inspirational for budding engineers everywhere. It’s an example of passion, commitment, and hard work. Not surprisingly, her advice to young inventors on pursuing their dreams is so on-point:

“Anything you don’t know is going to be hard at first. But, if you stay the course, put the time and effort in, it will become seamless eventually.”

With that philosophy and ambition, now we know how Jeanette became an engineer and an astronaut.

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