Meet The Maker: Danielle Delgado, #Bitify Your City Runner-Up

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Meet Danielle Delgado of 3D Printing Girls



I am based in Gilbert, Arizona

My maker superpower is Dream It, Do It, Fix it with 3D Printing: littleBits and 3D Printing are the perfect combination to almost everything.

I am inspired by my wonderful Dad who supports me every step of the way.

The most exciting project I have worked on is the 3D printed earth globe, it rotates using three bits, two 3D printed littleBits adapters and one 3D printed Earth Globe. I was inspired to create this project based on the need of tutoring geography as well as raising awareness about climate change.

I would use littleBits to venture into Augmented Reality (that is my dream), so I am doing some research for its application.

In the process of building the Leaning Pisa of Tower, not only I learned quite a bit about the history and architecture of the Tower, but I also learned the awesome adaptability of littleBits, combining LEGOs, 3D Printing, and littleBits.

My dream bit is the Neural Network bit; imagine all the possibilities, solutions, and applications for this bit.

BREAKING NEWS: Danielle Delgado is awesome 🙂 Check out her bitified Leaning Tower of Pisa:





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