Meet the Maker: Kristin Salomon, Engineer at littleBits

By Adam Skobodzinski

MEET Kristin Salomon @_ksalomon



My maker superpower is… being able to adapt easily. When we make things, they probably don’t work out the way we want the first time around. There’s usually some combination of redesigning and reiteration, and I like to think I can handle these changes well.

I am inspired by… the littleBits team. Everyone is so smart, creative, and passionate about what they do both inside and outside the office. They help me be a better maker.

At littleBits I … engineer the bits! One major project I worked on was updating the number module for the Smart Home Kit. The old number only read the input voltage and displayed it in volts or values. We added a second mode to the new number, “count”. Now you can count up or down, from 00-99 and vice versa. It has a reset bitsnap so you can reset your count whenever you’d like.

My advice for others making bits is ... don’t be afraid to sketch and prototype your ideas. Even if you think it might be something only you might find useful. You might be surprised that others in the community want the bit you make too!

My dream bit is… a bio kit! I’m really interested in circuits that have a biomedical application. A bit that can read your pulse, a CO2 sensor, a moisture sensor… there are so many possibilities.

Want to learn more about the number bit Kristin made for the Smart Home kit? Head over here 🙂




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