Meet The Maker: Matt Johnson from Bare Conductive

By Chloe Varelidi

Meet Matt Johnson @bareconductive


I am based in…London, UK.

My maker superpower is… Anything that moves! I love anything that goes fast, whether its a motorcycle, bicycle, drone or even a sled. Nothing focuses my maker energy like the prospect of hurtling myself (or my machinery) down a hill.

I am inspired by…Getting my hands dirty. Nothing is both so scary and so inspiring as actually putting your hands into your work. Confronting your limitations as a maker and finding ways through them is best resource we have.

I have used littlebits to make a…. Prank! Sitting here with a bunch of modules in front of me I realise there must be a way to turn them into a great office prank .

My dream bit is…We made it! It’s called the Touch Sensor! Seriously though I love littleBits and as a company our dream bit has always been any bit that lets us connect what we do to the littleBits universe. Speaking personally, I’d also like a bit with a tiny disco ball and light. Can you imagine that with the Synth Kit? Amazing…

Watch this video of Matt and Peter one of Bare Conductives’ engineers to learn more about the Touch Sensor.


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