Meet the Maker: Michal Valoušek, winner of the #Bitify Your City challenge

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Meet Michal Valoušek


Congrats Michal on winning our #Bitify Your City challenge with your Madrid Masters Tennis Court!

I am based in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic

My maker superpower is the ability to stop everything and start tinkering when I get a great idea.

I am inspired by everybody around me. I listen and look to others for inspiration.

The most exciting project I have worked on is an IR controlled dwarf that talks to children ( and a Raspberry Pi time lapse machine to observe the growth of a pea plant ( But the most exciting things in my life are my children. I hope it will stay exciting for long, long time.

I would use littleBits to make a machine to monitor my home power consumption. Or a communication system between schools. Or some mashup of both this ideas.

In the process I learned that building electronics with littleBits is soooooo easy. I love it. Really!

My dream bit is a new and improved servo motor.

In a world…where tennis courts are blue…
Check out Michal’s hilarious video of his winning Tennis Arcade project.





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