Meet The Maker: Mitchell Malpartida, Maker Dad; Dancing Robot Aficionado

By Adam Skobodzinski


Mitchell Malpartida






We first noticed Mitchell’s work when he posted the original Moby on the projects page. Moby was created as part of a tech demo used to show his daughter’s kindergarten class the basics of electronics. This silly-dancing robot was originally made with a handful of modules, and its dance moves weren’t all that stellar.




But after Mitchell won our Coffee Napkin Prototype contest over on Instagram, Moby went through a full upgrade and is now a true dancing machine.




Mitchell has made some top notch projects to help teach his daughters about electronics, so we reached out to him to learn more about the dad behind Moby.


Where are you based?
Originally from Jersey City, NJ and currently in West Covina, CA


What’s your maker superpower?
I’m still in the process of discovering my maker superpower though I think it’s the ability to create experiences that combine digital and physical components.


Automated Disco


What inspires you?
My inspiration for making things comes from the cartoons and movies I watched when I was growing up. GI Joe, Transformers, Buck Rogers, James Bond, etc.



What’s the most exciting project you have worked on?

The most exciting littleBits project to date would easily be Moby! It was a lot of fun to develop a robot with personality yet without programming or custom hardware.  




What else would you use littleBits for?
My daughters want me to add littleBits to all their toys, so we are going to work on taking a regular toy and supercharging it with new functionality! Expect some new videos on cool toy mashups soon!



Who is the Monster in the Room?



You have built so many creations for the projects page. What have you learned in the process?
The biggest lesson I have learned in building projects with littleBits is to focus less on the build and more on the intended experience! Moby is a great example of that, as he required no programming, just some creativity, LEGO, littleBits and a fun purpose!


What’s your dream bit?
My dream bit would be an anti-gravity bit. It would affect the gravity of your project within a limited area and if connected to the wireless bits you could make your own remote control hover-board! 🙂




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