Meet the Maker: Renaud Bédard, Programmer & Musician

By Adam Skobodzinski

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We’ve been following Renaud’s work for a while. He programmed the amazing award-winning indie game FEZ and now works for the awesome Capybara Games. Last year we began seeing him post littleBits synth jams on his Vine & Instagram. Then he announced that he was going to score an entire game ONLY using his Synth Kit! The result was a wonderfully magical bleeps and bloops featured in Magic Shot, an experimental French billiards game. Scratch that, the GREATEST experimental French billiards game EVER. We were so stoked about all the stuff Renaud was up to that we invited him to rep littleBits at this year’s Sonar+D festival. If you’re in Barcelona next week, be sure to check out his synth kit set.



Where are you based?

I live in Toronto, Canada.


What’s your maker superpower?

I make computers do pretty pictures! I’m a game programmer, I work at Capybara Games.


How were you introduced to littleBits?

I actually can’t remember! It must have been through a blog or some YouTube channel in April 2014. It was love at first sight.


We love our multi-hyphenated community members. How has integrating programming into music changed the way you approach sound?

It took a while to find good usages for the Arduino bit for music making, at first I overcomplicated things… but in the end the most useful sketch I wrote for it is really simple, it just acts as a bunch of latches to do time division, and helped a ton in getting multi-track music going in an interesting way.



What do you have in store for the audiences at Sonar+D?

Up to a few weeks ago I thought I’d do an improvisational music set with just littleBits, but then I got my hands on a Korg SQ-1 sequencer and it’s SO AWESOME to work with, so I’ll be integrating that with my bits.


What’s the most exciting project you have worked on?

As far as littleBits go, the coolest project I worked on is the soundtrack of Magic Shot, a mobile French billiards game. It’s all produced on littleBits, usually with a single patch of bits on which I recorded tracks individually by muting mixers.



What is your epic, huge, insane littleBits dream project?

Integrate the Bleep Drum (not the littleBits version, the actual drum machine) with the Midi bit or the Arduino bit, I’ve toyed with the idea but had issues and put it aside for now… I really want to program drum sequences on the Bleep Drum and have them in sync with a tempo littleBits oscillator.


What have you learned from using littleBits?

That music programming is in the reach of even people that don’t consider themselves inspired to write music! It just comes if you tweak knobs long enough, and you get better at it over time.


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