Meet The Maker: Rory Nugent, Engineer at littleBits (a.k.a “OK Man “)

By Chloe Varelidi

Meet Rory Nugent @prizeponie


My maker superpower is… skiing, climbing, running, surfing, …, being a well-rounded individual? Haha. Honestly, I think my super powers are that I like to do lots of things and I’m OK or average at most of them. I admit that would make me the most boring superhero ever but I think I’m alright with that. I would be OK Man and would wear a very understated spandex costume.

I am inspired by… my friends, family, coworkers, and colleagues! I almost always get my energy from what is going on around me. Oddly, I’m less inspired by things I see or hear in media. I like to be surrounded by good people.

Aside from people, I also like my alone time and enjoy being out in nature. It helps clear my head and organize my thoughts so I don’t get fatigued when I’m making.

At littleBits I …. build the modules! I’m one of the electronics engineers and we spend our time engineering and designing the new modules, improving old modules, and helping brainstorm future ideas. In fact, I worked on the new Number module and MP3 Player module in the forthcoming Smart Home Kit! The new Number module has added counting features, and the MP3 Player let’s you add your favorite sounds and songs to your littleBits projects.

My advice for others making bits is ... start anywhere and don’t afraid to fail. I find the hardest parts of making anything is often getting started and the fear of failing. I try not to spend too much time figuring out how or where to start and instead arbitrarily pick a starting place. Also, failing is natural and pretty common. The road to success of any kind is often paved with failures, so learn to embrace it and enjoy the new directions it takes you.

My dream bit is… a solar bit, or at least it used to be until we started working on it here ;). My dream bit changes all the time but at this moment, I’d really like to see a FM radio bit. Either a transmitter or receiver. I think it’d be fun to be able to make a radio with littleBits and it’d combine with the synth kit in a really fun way.

Want to learn more about the MP3 & Number modules (fancy MP3 selfie below) that Rory worked on? Head over here 🙂



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