Meet the Maker: Sean Schumer , Engineer at littleBits

By Chloe Varelidi

Meet Sean Schumer


My maker superpower is creating embedded electronics.

I am inspired by the Wright Brothers (like any engineer that has risked a lot in pursuit of their inventions)

At littleBits I made the Temperature Sensor and mp3 Player for the Smart Home Kit. The temperature sensor can give you a readout of the current room temperature and using other bits you use it to set alerts if the temperature exceeds or drops below a certain value. The mp3 Player works much like a traditional mp3 player with some other cool features such as retriggering tracks. I like to combine my two creations to play “Hot in Herre” by Nelly any time the temperature in my home goes about 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

My advice for others making bits is to try to push the limits of what you can accomplish with analog components. You can accomplish most tasks with an MCU but it is sometimes amazing what you can get done with just a few cents worth of passive components.

My dream bit is…a mobile ad-hoc mesh network bit!

Learn more about the temperature sensor over here.



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