Meet The Makers: Alayna Hughes & Pierluigi Barberis, Creative Technologists

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Alayna Hughes & Pierluigi Barberis


Alayna & Pier Luigi

We first met Alayna and Pierluigi when they applied to become Chapters leaders in March, 2015. Immediately after launching their Chapter at the Berklee Valencia Maker Lab, they started hosting events and the projects they uploaded caught our eyes.

Where are you based?

Valencia, Spain

What’s the maker scene in Valencia like?

In Valencia there is a growing  group of makers, between UPV and some smaller groups, we make an interesting maker community?

What’s your maker superpower? 

Alayna: I work a lot with Max and mostly create projects that can be used for music or visual performance or artistic means. 

Pier: I am most interested in working with moving objects, like robots and drones. 

What inspires you?

The need to create and improve everyday objects. 

Vending for Slightly Uncomfortable Praise

What’s the most exciting project you have worked on (littleBits or otherwise)?

Alayna: I was really happy with a musical piece that I performed last winter called “The Whole World Watches“. We are also finishing a custom music suit using micro controllers and conductive fabrics. 

Pier: I enjoyed working on my first musical robot, Curiosibot. It was an Arduino controlled robot that played the crotales

What have you used littleBits for?

We use littleBits in our Innovation Lab course at Berklee Valencia to teach sensors, circuit flow and wireless control. 


Why did you want to start a chapter?

To expand the knowledge of littleBits in Valencia and in the Master of Music Technology and Innovation at Berklee Valencia. 

What has littleBits taught you?

That amazing projects don’t need to be difficult to make.

Bicycle Lazer Tag

What’s your dream Bit that we don’t have in our library?

A drone bit and camera bit.

What’s next for you? What project are you dying to make?

Alayna: I have a concept for a dance/musical performance integrating video mapping and using dancers as instruments that I am eager to start.

Pier: Projection mapping!


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