Meet The Makers: Arthur Sacek, Philip Verbeek & Hitoshi Takagaki

By Chloe Varelidi

Meet the makers who are wow-ing us this week with their incredible creations using LEGO® and our brand new Brick Adapter. They join us all the way from The Netherlands, Japan and Brazil!

Meet Arthur Sacek – @_sacek


I am based in…. São Paulo, Brazil

My maker superpower is persistence. Most of my inventions do not work at the first time. I need to try, try and try. Never give up.

This month I was inspired by the music “Runaway Horses” from Mishima Album by Philip Glass

I used littlebits to make the Spinning Replicator, it is a copy machine. It can scan an illustration and draw a copy of it without any kind of programming, just littleBits, LEGO elements and a marker. It moves like a gramophone, with two discs that rotate and a lever that travels from center to border.

My dream bit is a sensor that can detect emotions!

Meet Philip Verbeek at PV-Productions


I am Philip and I am 19 years old. I am studying Mechatronics and love to spend my time creating technical creative stuff like building with LEGO technics.  I love to make music: I play piano and trumpet. Another hobby of mine is filming and editing. I combine these 3 hobbies by making Youtube videos of my creations.

I am based in
the Netherlands, in a small village in the province Limburg called Heythuysen.

My maker superpower is being creative and making the impossible possible. If I have an idea but I have not figured out yet how it will work mechanically, I keep trying, come up with different solutions, and make it work! Adam Savage (MythBuster) used to say “failure is always an option” but I like to say: “Every failure leads to a better solution”!

This month I was inspired by all the things in daily life that I accidentally run into.
All my life I have been fascinated by mechanical constructions and their automation. I also love to watch videos of industrial machines on TV or Youtube etc.

I used littlebits to make a LEGO PBC which stands for Pin Ball Contraption. The littleBits components detect coins/balls, display scores and controls several actuators like servos, buzzers etc. The intelligence of the PBC is hidden in the combination of the littlebits Arduino with the LEGO NXT.

My dream bit is …

While I was building my creation I really liked the Arduino because it brought the machine to life. To use the full functionality of Arduino and LEGO NXT I would like to connect a Bluetooth module to it. Although there is already the awesome cloudBit, which works perfectly over the internet, it cannot communicate with the LEGO NXT which only has Bluetooth onboard.

Meet Hitoshi @htkgk


I am based in Nagoya JAPAN.
My maker super power is….SURFIN’
I am inspired by machines, robots, cara, planes, tracks…
I used littlebits to make this music instrument.

My dream bit is Energy harvesting!



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