Meet The Makers: Big D & Rolo, Design Extraordinaires at littleBits

By Adam Skobodzinski



Big D & Rolo have been behind some of our most colorful, most striking & most awesome design projects for both print & the web. You may have seen some of their work inside the Smart Home Kit (see bottom of post)…

At littleBits, I…


I am a graphic design intern working on packaging, collateral, and visual design throughout the office.


I am a visual designer that works on both physical and digital experiences.

My maker superpower is… 


Exploring. I like to try out lots of different directions and ideas for a project or something i’m working on. Choosing the right path is the hard part!


Being able to create visual experiences two and three dimensionally. It was great working with Diana, aka Big D, conceptualizing and executing the foldout poster for the Smart Home Kit – we even included some sweet treats for you to discover! 😉

I am inspired by


Joe Shouldice, our Creative Director at littleBits. He makes some epic shit!


Other makers, designers and artists. I love to learn how other people view the world and see how that plays into their creations.

littleBits has taught me about… 


How things work. I used electronics all the time before littleBits, but I was never involved with them as a medium, as a thing to take apart, play with, and create with.

The most exciting project I have worked on is…


My own Meta-matic Machine, inspired by Jean Tinguely. I exposed the inner mechanisms of a piano and attached a secondary system of pods filled with pastel pigment to the piano hammers. As you played the piano, the pods would strike the canvas, creating a auditory and visual experience.

I would use littleBits to make a…


V2 of my Meta-matic Machine. It’d be great to make an automatic rolling canvas. Picture this, as I play “Chopsticks,” the sound trigger in my circuit will activate the DC motor to roll the canvas. Violà!

My advice for others bit’sters is…


Keep tinkering if something’s not working and look to the community for help if you’re stuck.

My dream bit is….


A programmable screen to display text or small graphics


A hologram bit. Combine that with an mp3 player bit and the synth speaker bit and you can throw a pretty rockin’ dance partay!

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