Meet The Makers: Coming soon to bitLab live

By Adam Skobodzinski

Hello everyone, bitLab live is starting next Tuesday and we thought we will introduce you to some of the very special makers who will be joining the show in the next few weeks. In the meantime don’t forget to vote for all the new modules on bitLab right here.

Meet Dr. Bleep a.k.a John-Mike @bleeplabs


I am based in Austin TX

My maker super power is launching myself into projects and slowing figuring them out on the way.

I am inspired by anyone using the “wrong” tools to make art.

I used littlebits to make Beepp boop eeoooooep aap zzzzzzkt *blink*

In the process I learned that modular makes everything better

My advice about others who want to submit a module to bitLab;
Don’t be afraid of building something that you don’t know the use of.

My dream bit is…RF in out that’s as easy to use as a wire.


Meet Greg @backyardbrains

Greg HeadShot

I am based in Ann Arbor, MI

My maker super power is…DIY Neuroscience

I am inspired by Biology, Science

I used littlebits to make….Electromyogram (EMG) SpikerBox (Let’s you hear the electrical activity of the body)

In the process I learned that you can use your electricity to make beautiful music!

My advice about others who want to submit a module to bitLab : Use USB power for long development cycles, get multiple protobits… they are extremely helpful.

My dream bit is an EEG Brain Wave Bit (And we are working on it!)

Meet Gabriel @ganzziani


I am based in Sarasota, FL
My maker super power is designing embedded systems. I particularly like oscilloscopes and I have been designing tiny oscilloscopes modules for a few years now. I really enjoy designing, inventing, making… I also like composing music and riding my bicycle.
I am inspired by the feedback I receive from the community. When people say that my products are great, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.
I used littleBits to teach my children about electricity concepts. It is great that I can teach them electronics and create circuits in just a few seconds while at the same time have a lot of fun. My kids made a few toys with the littleBits and some toys recyclable material, for example, a bee that buzzes its tail when you press on it, which I found fantastic.
In the process I learned that an oscilloscope would be a great tool to teach them more about what is going on in the circuit.

My advice to others who want to submit a module to bitLab would be not to feel intimidated by the process. littleBits has provided guides and templates so you can focus on what your design does. Your module may be of useful to similar people like you, and if you succeed, you may earn some cash too!
My dream bit is… the Oscilloscope. It would be an essential tool for anyone using the littleBits that also want to be able to diagnose their circuit or for anyone using the littleBits as a learning platform.

Meet Jude … who makes things for Jack, 7 @judebrisson 


I am based in Ossining, NY
My maker super power:  When a toy breaks, I harvest it for parts.
I am inspired by: other makers on and
I use littleBits to make: interactive toys and gadgets. And the controllable RGB led bit on bitlab

In the process I learned to accept my ideas as valid and flesh them out in my notebook even if they seem wacky or I don’t yet have the bits or skills to make it.
My advice to others who want to submit a module to bitLab:

  • Study all the version 3 littleBits .pdf schematics.
  • A good source for learning Eagle Cad: Jeremy Blum has a 3 part tutorial on YouTube.  To get through the first submission hurdle, you will only need part one:

My dreamBit: encoder / decoder bits that communicate messages through pulses on an extra channel.

Want to meet these makers? Have questions for bitLab? Join our Google Hangout next Tuesday at 4pm EST.


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