Meet The Makers from Vidcode and Jewliebots!

By Chloe Varelidi

This week our meet the makers series travels outside our bit-iverse to talk with a few inspiring makers working on great projects. Meet them below!

Meet Alexandra Diracles & Melissa Halfon @vidcode


We are based in NYC.

Our maker superpower is Vidcode! We built Vidcode, a web platform that lets you customize and edit videos with JavaScript. You can make your videos look awesome with different filters, animations, and speed — all by writing code!

We are inspired by creative coders, maker kids, and families that build cool stuff together

We would use little bits to craft soundtracks to our stop-motion videos with the synth kit!

Our dream bit… a Performance Kit bit that ties together a Kinect, motion sensors and LED light displays to create interactive music videos!

Meet Sara Chipps (@SaraJChipps), Maria Paula Saba (@MariaPaulaNY) and Ailar Javadi from @Jewliebots.

We are based in New York and San Francisco.


We are inspired by the power of community and the idea of learning
by doing.

Our maker superpower is …. smart programmable jewelry. We are creating smart bracelets
that can be used to match your clothes, sense when friends are nearby and send them messages!

We would use little bits to make wearables.

Our dream bit is the Jewelry-bit!


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