Meet The Makers: Ginger & Chris Butcher

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Ginger & Chris Butcher




To celebrate Valentine’s Day, this week we wanted to highlight a maker couple for Meet The Maker. And who better than littleBits supermakers Ginger (Educator at NASA) and Chris Butcher (National Sales Director at Think Tank Photo). The Butchers where behind a project that combined our love for pizza and music: the Pizza Box Phonograph!


We are based in Beltsville, Maryland


Our maker superpower is

Ginger – Simplicity in design. I like when I can take complex systems or concepts and reduce them to a model, activity, or analogy to help communicate and educate other inquiring minds – such as telling a story about a Bat to teach kindergartners about remote sensing and satellite imagery, or designing a littleBits circuit that models how satellites work.

Chris – Knowing my limits and ignoring them.


We are inspired by

Ginger – Designs that do something – gears, levers, springs, rube goldberg machines, anything analog.

Chris – Great independent thinkers – Don Quixote, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Max Smart.


We’ve used littleBits to make Pizza Box Phonograph.


In the process we learned that…

While Ginger came up with the challenge, Chris accepted and tried several complex systems – roller blade wheels, Legos, spinning trivets, belt drives – to get the record spinning and level. Then Chris discovered that the littleBits motor spins at 33 rpm! Attaching the record directly to the motor worked great. Ginger then continued to refine the phonograph using only materials that are readily available to anyone – a Pizza Box and a ruler.


Our dream bit is camera bit!


Turn your leftover ‘za box into a record player:






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