Meet The Makers of The GramoPaint

By Chloe Varelidi

We are Milind & Sopan @MakersparkIndia


Makerspark is (for now, but there’s more space on the party floor!):

Milind Sonavane: Milind is a applied arts graduate, and a true maker at heart. With an accomplished career in Graphic/VX (visual experience) and UX/Interaction design, Milind now enjoys spending his nights cooking up maker ideas, and his days tinkering with them. His 20 month daughter Meera is his inspiration. And smarter than him.

Sopan Sharma: Sopan graduated as an engineer, but became a motorcycle journalist immediately after. Over the years he has moved through entrepreneurship, advertising, filmmaking, music, and woodworking; and has no clue what to do anymore. Milind has added to his confusion by offering him a founder spot at Makerspark. God help his soul.

We are based in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Our maker super power is understanding that making stuff just for the joy of making is fun, but the device cannot end there. For someone who wants to replicate what we make, it needs to go beyond just assembling a jigsaw puzzle in three dimensions and watching it work. It must let people do more, think more, feel more.

We are inspired by art, music, the creative spirit, and children at play. Also ’Toys from trash- Arvind Gupta’, Golan Levin, Mark Frauenfelder and the thriving maker community on the internet.

We used littlebits to make GramoPaint an arc art generator.


In the process we learned that keeping other makers in mind while making your own project is the key to inspiring action, and making the party bigger. Imagining things twice is the best way to go about this. First get the basic ideas in place, then start thinking about how the power of choice can be put in the hands of makers and users. That means more time spent with the creation, more choices to make around it, and a deeper connection with whatever has been made..

Our dream bit is…we’d love to take devices powered by littleBits into the countryside, where power supply is an issue and there are only so many batteries that we can carry. It would be great if we can see a peltier module (TEG thermoelectric generator) power supply unit that we can use to power our littleBits creations. Imagine using the GramoPaint beside a lake or in the woods, all day!



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