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Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 1.41.02 PMHow long have you worked at littleBits?

I’ve been at littleBits for about 8 months now.

What lead you to the position?

Pure luck. My roommate went to highschool with Krystal, one of our industrial designers, and although they hadn’t spoken in years they are still facebook friends. When Krystal posted about job openings at littleBits, my roommate forwarded it to me because she thought it was something I would be interested in. She was right! It was love at first sight.

Describe a typical work day.

My day usually starts with way too much coffee. From there I work on a variety of different photos and videos. Everything from photographing new products to creating short videos about the amazing projects our design team is working on. I wind up making a lot of GIF’s (Usually they are about the Bits, but sometimes I like the occasional cat or co-worker GIF, just for fun)

You have taken a lot of photos, can you tell us about your favorites? 

I just hit 10,000 photos on my new camera, and I’ve only had it for a year. At littleBits my favorite photos that I have taken so far are about to launch with some new products. They are much more conceptual than the photos we currently have on the website, but I think people will like them.

Outside of littleBits, my favorite photos are from a project I did in college. These three little girls who lived next door to me used to come over to my house almost every day. Sadly, they had a somewhat abusive home life, so my roommate and I let them come over to our apartment to have a safe place to play. One day I had a camera out and they started playing with it. We took some photos and  I was amazed how they came out. You can see so much in a photo that you sometimes miss in the present. The way the girls posed and presented themselves, it was as if they were adults. They had an understanding of the world far beyond their years, but at the same time they were still children. They had this incredible spunk to them that became even more present when captured in a photo.


How do you prepare for photos? What inspires you?

Every photo is different. Sometimes ideas for images come easily, and other times I am pulling my hair out trying to come up with something interesting. I definitely go through this “creative cycle” when working on projects. I get really excited when I hear the initial concept, then I get nervous and stressed about how to create it. I immediately try and jump in and create something interesting. At first I think I’ve come up with a great idea, and then I get frustrated when I realize it isn’t going to work. At that point I usually wind up scrapping the entire idea, taking a step back and then the whole thing suddenly falls into place. It’s a roller coaster every time, but it’s a process that allows me to try a bunch of different ideas that eventually lead to something that I love.

I’m most inspired by the people around me. My friends and co-workers are all incredibly creative and ambitious, seeing what they create constantly inspires me. I also like to check out 500 photographers and 50 Watts for ideas.

What Bit do you identify with?

I  used to say the DC motor because I like to use it in projects. Lately, I’ve grown attached to the inverter Bit. I like how it mixes things up.


What’s your favorite thing about New York City?

There is never a dull moment in the city. There is something for everyone here, and most of the time the best things in the city are free — you just have to know where to look.

Aside from littleBits, what else are you working on?

A bunch of different things. Lately, I’ve been getting back into sculpting. I like working with steel, so I’m taking some shop classes to brush up on my welding and metal working skills. Unfortunately, it’s hard to work on large steel projects in the city, so I’ve also been working on some smaller plaster sculptures with a friend of mine. We might even turn some of these smaller sculptures into a business idea.

What are your favorite companies and industry trends at the moment?

I’m addicted to all the different photo and video apps out there. It’s amazing how many app options are out there and how all of them have a slightly different functionality. I use instagram for photos, vine for short videos, and snapchat to send my friends pictures of me making funny faces that will then disappear and not live on forever on the internet.

Any advice for people looking to create with Bits?

Have fun and experiment. Don’t be intimidated to try something different. The Bits are really intuitive so it’s easy to get started, but the fun part about them is when something you try to create doesn’t work. Because then you have to try again. You have to challenge yourself to come up with creative solutions for building more complex circuits and incorporating different materials.

Checkout MK’s latest littleBits project here.

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