1. CitiBike

We are happy to report that the CitiBike bike rack down the street from our office has been incredibly popular. Manhattan and Brooklyn are experiencing a blue bike takeover, and it’s wonderful. One of our favorite NYC stores, JnrlStr mapped out an excellent ride in their latest newsletter:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 7.28.14 AM

2. CoderDojo

Over the weekend, we spent time with CoderDojo NYC at their World Science Fest Booth. CoderDojo is a free, non-profit organization movement that teaches children ages 7-17 how to code. We admire this mission and encourage you to checkout their website to view their resources and find a location near you.


3. If Our Gadgets Could Understand Our Emotions

This excellent op-ed by Jenna Wortham examines the benefits and consequences of devices engineered to sense our feelings. Read it here.


4. Makedo

Simple components that make creating with cardboard inventive and so much fun. At the moment, our favorite kit is the elephant — so adorable!



5. Caine’s Arcade

Speaking of being inventive with cardboard, this classic video is a team favorite. If you have not seen it, we recommend taking 11 minutes to do so:

[vimeo 40000072 w=500 h=281]

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

6. MIT’s Silk Pavilion

An incredible combination of nature and technology, this display was created with over 6,500 silk worms. You can read all about the structure on Creator’s Project.



7. Living In A 1912 Schoolhouse

Education is both a focus and source of inspiration for us. Our office is decked out with chalkboard walls and we have a few picnic tables for craft and lunchtime. We kind of wish our office was an old schoolhouse, and it’s great to see what this family has done with their schoolhouse home. Check it out on Dwell.


8. Beth Galton’s Conceptual Food Art

We love anything that displays every day objects in an unexpected way. We also love snacks. Beth Galton’s food photography dissects some of our favorites in her latest collection.


9. Google’s Wi-Fi Blimps In Sub-Saharan Africa

In March, Google began a project at Cape Town’s Stellenbosch University campus to bring wireless broadband to 10 area schools. Now, they’re increasing these efforts with blimps that can transmit signals over thousands of kilometers. Read more in The Guardian.

google blimp

10. Say The Same Thing

There’s 171,476 words in the English language. When you say the same thing as someone else, it’s magical. The guys from Ok Go have created an app that helps you feel connected with the people you play with, while exercising your brainwaves and imagination. Watch their entertaining demo video below and checkout this review.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sP1DqyagXE]


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