1. Park Avenue Tunnel


Every Saturday through August 17th the Park Avenue Tunnel will be open from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Visitors will be able to enter on 33rd street. From there, they’ll be asked to walk to the tunnel’s midpoint to deliver short messages into a silver intercom. Then, the messages will emerge as waves of sound and arching light until they disappear. Pitch and the volume of each participant’s voice will determine the intensity of each beam.

“What makes the experience valuable is the fact that it’s ephemeral,” said the installation’s creator, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, 45. The project “allows us to remember that we are on earth for a very brief period of time, and then we’re going to die. And it helps us live perhaps more intensely. We’re more alert to the fact that it ends, that we’re getting recycled, that there is a flow.” Read more in the New York Times article.

2. Coffee Made by Robots


Fuseproject’s Yves Behar created the Briggo Coffee Haus. The machine is manned by robots and orders can be taken over the web, iOS app and touchscreen kiosk. Our favorite part is that the kiosk asks for feedback after every cup to ensure that you get the perfect drink next time you visit.

3. 3D Printing an Aston Martin


Ivan Sentch is building an Aston Martin from scratch using the Solidoodle 2nd Gen 3D printer. As if that’s not impressive enough – he’s only been 3D printing since January. Check out Makezine’s interview with him to learn more.

4. VSCO cam


VSCO cam is our new favorite iOS app. When you take a picture with VSCO, you can set the exposure and focus rings. Then, you can add the photo to your library, edit it and order a print. We recommend viewing the VSCO grid for inspiration.

5. The Capital Children’s Choir Covers Crystal Castles 

“We wanted to cover Crystal Castles because we liked the idea of replacing their synths and percussion using only our voices and hands” – The Captial Children’s Choir.  We are in awe of this beautiful cover and love that they made an electronic song completely a cappella. Read more about this Abbey Road cover in Pitchfork.


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