1. Anton Alvarez’s Thread Wrapping Machine

This machine uses glue coated thread to join objects together – no screws or nails required. By using steel and wood with the machine, Anton has created beautiful furniture and works of art.

The Thread Wrapping Machine from Anton Alvarez on Vimeo.

2. The Role of Creativity Today

The Red Never Follows exhibition opens in London’s Saatchi Gallery on July 30th. The exhibition is designed to asses the question: What defines creativity today? The invention of the Internet and spread of art from urban centers outside of New York has defied the traditional roles and creative silos that used to define our cultural landscape 20 years ago. It’s easier than ever to produce creative work and we love that this exhibit is drawing connections within this process and moving the conversation forward.


3. The Pixel Painter

98-year-old Hal Lasko, also known as Grandpa, spends 10 hours a day making art on Microsoft Paint. He was introduced to the program after retiring from his job as a graphic artist. We’re inspired by his creativity and encourage you to view the work on his website.

The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo.

4. Kinetic Sand by Brookstone 

We love the beach and are happy that it’s now available in a non-messy, portable form. Sand comes in a 2.2 pound tub and contains a mix of 98% sand and 2% polymer. The site claims it’s 100% fun and we can’t argue, we’re excited to get our own for the office.


5. 7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

This Fast Company article contains 7 great tips for boosting creativity. Our favorites include staying connected and positive, be brave and dare to be different and every McCartney needs a Lennon.

How do you boost your creativity?



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