Monday Inspiration

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1. Nike’s Making app

For eight years, Nike has relied on an in-house, open-source tool that charts the life cycle of their products and the sustainability of their materials. This has enabled the company to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 18% over the past decade. Now, everyone can access this open-source tool by using Nike’s Making app.

2. TD: The 3D-printed spider robot

Robugtix makes this creepy robot move like a real spider by using 26 servo motors and a wireless RF-based connected remote control. The kit includes the 3D-printed parts, micro-controller brain, fasteners and mechanics needed to build the spider. Want to build a robo-spider of your own? The kits begin shipping in September!

3. Solar Impulse Completes Coast-to-Coast Flight

The Switzerland-based Solar Impulse team successfully completed the first coast-to-coast flight with the HB-SIA, a 3,500 pound solar-powered plane. In May, the plan took off from San Francisco and made stops in Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Cincinnati and Dulles along the way. Last night, the plan landed in New York City’s JFK airport. Now, the company is working to complete the HIB-SIB that will fly around the world in 2015.

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4. United Visual Artists’ Electric Storm

To celebrate their 10th year of creating light installations and sculptures, United Visual Artists created this intervention to make viewers feel like they’re in the midst of an electric storm. The lattice structure is made out of steel. In order to “make the architecture breathe,” the team incorporated a series of flashing lights in to the frame.














5. Fireworks in Space

For those that spent the holiday weekend pondering whether or not fireworks can explode in space, good news! They can. Fireworks have an oxidizer and reductant, they are not reliant on oxygen. However, once the fireworks are launched the colorant pellets are released and those require oxygen to maintain their vibrancy. So, fireworks can go off in space but they won’t be very colorful. Read more here.















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