Monday Inspiration - June 24, 2019

By Adam Skobodzinski

1. Stratasys acquires MakerBot



Last week was a monumental week for hardware! We are proud and excited for our friends at MakerBot and cannot wait to see what the future holds for 3D printing. Checkout this project we made by combining littleBits and MakerBot.

2. Tomas Saraceno’s In Orbit



It is possible to walk on clouds! Tomas spent three years collaborating with engineers, architects and biologists to make this installation, which is currently on display at Dusseldorf’s museum of modern art. The piece is made out of 26, 910 square feet of metal and mesh and is inspired by the way spiders weave their web.

3. Unplug Your Weekend







We love technology, but we value the concept of “unplugging.” This article discusses the benefits of taking a break and relaxing. It is important to take time away from the screen, especially when it’s summertime! If you’re looking for some warm weather activities, checkout out Summer Fun bundle projects.

4. Tic-Tac-Toe Robot

This robot game was made with a Micro Magician robot controller, 4 servos and LOZ building blocks. We love the design of the game – we’re big fans of using blocks like LOZ and K’NEX in projects. To learn how to make your own Tick-Tac-Toe robot, click here.

5. SparkTruck



SparkTruck is a wonderful project from SparkLab, a group of Stanford students curious about making, education and technology. Upon interviewing teachers, they realized that school budgets often prevent the purchasing of hands-on, maker equipment. To solve this problem, they launched a kickstarted to raise money for a truck, laser cutter, 3D printer and other supplies. The support was overwhelming and last year, SparkTruck launched a cross-country tour. They’re getting ready to set out again, and we are so excited. It’s great to see this cause gain traction. Checkout their site to learn more.

6. +POOL



+POOL is a giant rivier filter that you can swim in. This Kickstarter project supports the construction of the +POOL and Float Lab, a floating water testing facility that will ensure +POOL’s walls will work to clean and filtrate the river while providing safe water for New Yorkers to enjoy. The +POOL will be divided into four sections – kids, lounge, lap and sports, so that everyone can partake.

7. 3D Printed Eames Lounge Chair By Kevin Spencer



We love furniture design (have you seen the project submitted by OPPA?) and 3D printing, so we are pretty excited about Kevin Spencer’s mini Eames Lounge chair. You can purchase one of your own for the low price of $25 on Shapeways.

8. MacAskill’s Imaginate

Danny MacAskill, a street trials biker spent two years making this imaginative film. We love the childlike wonder and talent displayed in the final video.


RAPIRO is designed to be the catalyst between Raspberry Pi and robotics. Each bot can be customized with a 3D printer and programmed with a Raspberry Pi computer. To read more about RAPIRO’s possibilities, visit the Kickstarter page.

10. Our growing community



Every day, we are inspired by the teachers, students, parents, artists, designers, hackers and makers that make up our growing community. It’s a privilege to learn from them and share their stories. If you  are interested in sharing your thoughts about littleBits,  being a beta tester or developing your own Bits, please fill out this form and join us!


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