New Hall of Fame Kits Honor Tried-and-True Inventions from the littleBits Community

By Adam Skobodzinski

Today, the littleBits team is thrilled to introduce our new Hall of Fame Kits!
At only $39.99 each, each kit can be purchased individually; however, all of littleBits’ electronic blocks work together, so the Hall of Fame Kits can be combined to create even larger inventions. Once kids create the inventions in the box, they can move on to using their imaginations and combining all their Bits and kits to design something brand-new — an ideal way to spend summer vacation.
Take a look at the four kits in action below, and keep watching until the end of the video for an epic invention incorporating the Bits from all of the kits!

From a Crawly Creature, a Bubble Bot, a Night Light, or an Arcade Game, each of the four kits were inspired by some of the most compelling inventions from our community.

The Story of Tan Tran and the Crawly Creature Hall of Fame Kit

Meet Tan Tran, who uploaded his very first project to the littleBits Project Page in January 2016. The inchworm project was simplistic in design (it only contained three bits), yet it did so much!
Tan’s idea was to build and race his crawling inchworm robot with some cardboard and one servo bit. He added a pulse bit to control how fast his inchworm moved. It was a simple, fun project to introduce concepts of mechanical linkages, surface friction, and basic kinematic systems.
More important, robotic inchworms are inherently silly and amusing to play with.
It appears that we weren’t the only ones inspired by it — in fact, others around the world have been making their own versions of the inchworm, and it became such a success that we included the invention in the Gizmos & Gadgets, 2nd Edition Kit. And now, it stands alone in the Crawly Creature Hall of Fame Kit.
Crawly Creature Hall of Fame Kit
“My friend rented a littleBits kit from [his university library]… I took it home and my five-year-old nephew was instantly curious, so we made silly things for the next hour,” Tan told us. “I was hooked the instant we made a bubble machine and [my nephew] went ‘WHOAAAA THAT’S SO COOOOOL.’ Who knew making things that made kids excited to make things would be so exciting?”
Each of littleBits’ new Hall of Fame Kits includes four Bits, accessories, paper templates, and a sticker sheet. We used the same packaging for all four kits, so the arrangement of items in the box may vary between them. You can find instructions for all four of littleBits’ Hall of Fame Kits by visiting
Check out the full descriptions of each Hall of Fame Kit here.



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