New to the bitLab: the NFC bit & the Optical Pulse Sensor

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This week we got two new new submission to the bitLab! Click on over, get familiar, share on social & VOTE!

NFC (Near Field Communication) bit

by Philip Verbeek



Imagine a bit that let’s you create a cat door that only open for your cat or a cookie jar that only you have access. The NFC bit reads a very common and specific kind of chip called a “tag”. You might have used these tags with IDs (like your passport), Credit Cards, or if you fancy in Apple’s Apple Pay system.



You place the tag on your NFC bit and it reads a unique code that only that tag can have, essentially creating a wireless and electronic key / lock system. Another neat thing about the NFC bit is that you can program it a specific key but also keep it from reading the wrong key. For instance if you lose your physical keys, you’d have to change your locks. With the NFC it’s as simple as reprogramming the bit


Optical Pulse Sensor

by illumino



Do you like cute 3D printed fish? Do you like taking your pulse? Well this bit was made for you. This really cute a pulse reader will make sure you’re not a zombie or check if you’re hitting your “target heart rate zone” when you’re working up a sweat.



This bit can be coupled with an LED or a counter to show you how fast or slow your heart is beating. If you don’t care much for aquatic animals you can also switch the fish out for something more your vibe.


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