Newport Heights’ students’ creativity soars

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Read more about a successful classroom implementation of littleBits in Bellevue, WA. By fostering a space for creativity, student achievements and soft skills reached new heights.

“When I create a lesson, I think of myself as the gutter bumpers in the bowling alley.”

– Eric Landgraf, art teacher at Newport Heights Elementary, Bellevue WA Imagine a classroom full of laughter, some huffs of frustration, and the scribbling of ideas on paper. Now add buzzing, spinning, snapping and “aha-ing” to that mix, and you have a classroom full of students experiencing what we at littleBits call–and what Mr. Landgraf witnessed–“the moment.” That magical moment when a student’s eyes light up in wonder and awe at the thought: “Hey, I did that!” When Mr. Eric Landgraf, describes how he guides students with littleBits sculpture-building projects, he speaks of the delicate balance the educator must strike in the classroom. “I’m not going to let the students get a gutter ball, but I’m not necessarily going to help them get a strike either even though I want them to. I’ll go around and ask ‘what if’ questions to lead them in a successful direction.” While littleBits is very popular in science curriculums in regard to teaching circuitry and engineering, Mr. Landgraf has incorporated them into his class to teach design thinking and collaborative problem solving. By working through challenges and iterations, and getting constructive feedback from their teammates, students cultivate soft skills alongside 21st-century skills. “What really inspires me about this project is seeing the students struggle a little, and then seeing their faces when they get it,” said Mr. Landgraf. “It’s real sincere gratification and enjoyment when they solve a problem.” Read more about Mr. Landgraf’s success with littleBits in his art class in this article. To take the lead in STEAM and learn more about littleBits cross-curricular success, check out the STEAM Student Set. Have questions? Give our team of education specialists a call at 888-541-1949 or request a quote. – Grace Morales littleBits education marketing coordinator

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