News of the Bitosphere – July 18, 2016

By Adam Skobodzinski


Brazil Trophy and Podium

The BitOlympics has launched and our Americana, Brazil chapter is already setting the pace with 10 Olympics themed inventions uploaded this week!

Community Hall of Fame

The Fabulous littleMakey GIF Box.  LeLeo, leader of our Belo Horizonte Chapter in Brazil, shows us just how easy is it to make an animated GIF with littleBits, Makey-Makey and a computer.  He uses 4 bright led’s to put subjects in the best light and uses a number module to keep track of the number of frames.  On the floor of the gif box is a piece of aluminum foil that is connected to the EARTH terminal of the Makey-Makey, and on the servo arm is a popsicle stick wrapped in foil that is connected to the SPACE terminal.  Every time Leo presses the button, the servo touches both foil pieces together, which completes the circuit and triggers the computer to take another picture.  Let’s watch LeLeo demonstrate.  🙂

Learn more about how you can Get The Most Out Of The Makey Makey Module.

Take the BitOlympics Challenge to WIN BIG

As the 2016 Summer Olympic games approach, we are excited to announce the 2nd Annual 2016 BitOlympic games on our brand new challenge platform!  From July 15 until September 5, take the BitOlympic challenge.  Create an Olympics-inspired invention, then film it in action and upload it to the site by September 5.  This is your chance to bring home gold and glory for your country.  Oh, and did we mention you could win $1,000 in Bits & swag?   Take the challenge.


New & Noteworthy Inventions

Trophy and Olympic Podium – #BitOlympics  “Sofia, Elisa and Ana Elisa made a trophy that turns for the winner of littleBits competition and made a podium with 1st, 2nd and third place! Olympics, here we come!”

The Round Up is an amusement park ride by Alon, which he made during STEAM Camp.  🙂


Buzzer CarJordyn, a camper at Microsoft YouthSpark in Manhattan, built a remote controlled BitBot and remixed it by adding a buzzer.


#NationOfMakers Winners

Congratulations to all our Summer Camp #NationOfMakers challenge winners:

#NationOfMakers _ Challenge 1 by Mattia Zucchelli

Beat Wheel&Cheeseboard Keyboard by bitCaper

#NationOfMakers Robot dancing to electronic music by Yuziana and Carl Mangold

Read the Full Announcement.


That’s all for now, Bitsters.  Enjoy your week, and keep inventing.  🙂

– Jude Brisson

online community manager


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