News of the Bitosphere! April 18, 2016

By Adam Skobodzinski


“​Greetings from Greenwich, Connecticut!”  Hiya, Bitsters!  Are you ready to get inventing?  🙂


Community Hall of Fame

Calm your dog with Pawmer #HackYourHabits by Anoushka Banerjee, a fourth grader from Santa Clara, California.

The Banerjee family found themselves losing too much sleep when they adopted Leo, a Shiba-Inu puppy.  Anoushka decided to fix that problem with her inventive might!  Pawmer reinforces quiet behavior; it plays Leo’s favorite music on loop until noise and the sound trigger interrupt it momentarily. The device also sends an email via the cloudBit and IFTTT to alert the family when the music is no longer effective.


Invent for your Science Fair!

It’s Science Fair season, and kids all around are inventing awesome things!  Anoushka, Max, Jake and Vedant share their inventions, experiences AND their teachers’ reactions.  Read more in Science Fair Bitsters, by Jude Brisson.

Vedant and friend


#HackYourHabits to WIN BIG

Don’t delay – upload to by April 30, midnight EST with #HackYourHabits in the title.

Here are three ways you can approach this challenge: 1) Track your actions, 2) Change your actions OR 3) Do both!  Find out more about the April design challenge, HackYourHabits.  🙂  In the meantime, let’s check out an example from our lovely Community!

Tracker Hacker: David Saunders’ students from Greenwich, CT used the new STEAM Student Set to hack their step counters.

tracker hacker

They attached two step counters to a cardboard arm mounted on a servo, resulting in a competitive advantage in their step challenges. “Our 90 minute period was packed with brainstorming, ideating, prototyping. and testing our new project. At the end of the period, we had a working prototype and loads of new ideas on how to improve upon the design!”


bitCraft Block Party!

Friday’s bitCraft Block Party was a smashing success! We had five educators of various backgrounds and subject areas join us to explore the magic of bitCraft at a deeper level.


Inventions included an alarm clock that requires you to run through a maze to turn off your buzzer; a recreation of the Romeo + Juliet catacombs scene that allows players to adjust lighting in order to analyze the its impact on tone and mood; and our two student participants took the challenge to a personal level.  These sisters created a creeper spawning machine that activated when one sister stole clothes without asking from the other.

Creeper Spawning Machine

Where was that when I was in middle school?!

Huge thanks to all the Bitsters who participated!  🙂 @lizabits


You’re in the News, Bitster!

Thomas Noren, our Charleston, SC Chapter leader helped out at his local Barnes & Noble Educator event and made the local news!  WATCH HERE!  🙂

Local musician and teacher, Tom Noren, is a founder of Music Wires, the local shop that uses littleBits and other technology to create music is also teaching kids to think outside of the box.  It allows them to engage in a self driven learning and creative learning, so that they’re able to really use their talents to their own way of thinking (as opposed to being told what to do).  They can invent so they can grasp the concept and then really take it from there.”


That’s all for now, Bitsters!  Have a great week, and KEEP INVENTING!  🙂


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