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Hiya, Bitsters! Point your eyeballs all around this lively drawing by Oscar. He calls it “littleBits”, and it makes us smile SO BIG! 🙂


Community Hall of Fame

Robot Wars Team Building, uploaded by Hugo of London, UK.
hugo team building

“We designed a team building event in which four groups needed to make and decorate a killer robot each.”  The resulting remote controlled robots (made with Gizmos & Gadgets Kits) were judged on their beauty, agility, ability to write, and deadliness.  Watch these feather adorned beauties fight to the end!


#HackYourHabits is heating up!

Is procrastination your thing?  Try using IFTTT and a cloudBit to remind you to upload your invention THIS WEEK for your last chance to win $200 of littleBits as part of the April #HackYourHabits Challenge!  Let’s see how Bitsters are tracking and changing their habits…  🙂

TV Roll #HackYourHabits,by brothers Luke & Noah.  “TV Roll is a helpful device if you watch to much TV. It is basically a paper towel with motors that will roll the TV Roll if you press the remote trigger. It will only happen if the cloud bit is connected to the IFTTT. Here is a video on how it works!”

IOT: Agriculture Automation #HackYourHabits by Venkat.  “Littlebits in Agriculture! Isn’t that just cool to imagine? I felt it was tiring to water the plants every day.  Also, if we miss out one day, the plants tend to wilt. I have developed an Agriculture Automation project using littleBits.  I have interfaced a Soil moisture sensor along with a Relay module to my Arduino bit. The sensor turns on the [external pump] motor connected to the relay when there is a lack of water. Once there is sufficient moisture in the soil, the [pump] motor is turned off. So the Plant talks with the Motor paving way for a remarkable IOT application. I have also used an LED, Buzzer, and cloudBit. Thus, I am also alerted using a Slack notification every time the plant and motor have a conversation.”  AWESOME!  Let’s watch it work!  🙂

journeyBit – a littleBits journey tracker sandal #hackyourhabits from our Honolulu Chapter, Little Oha Bitty Bytes.  “Counting our steps was an interesting project, and unexpectedly really fun!  Although our prototype turned out a bit bulky, it was very cool to see really how far 100 steps would take you(it would be cool to have a counter with more digits…!). Learning about the awesomeness of walking, and counting our steps, has helped to encourage the idea that if we could increase the count of our steps each day, we would achieve more excellent exercise and help improve our health!”


Join our Community Call!

The theme of this month’s Community Call is citizen science. We’ll be joined by Ellen Jorgensen who is at the leading edge of the do-it-yourself biotechnology movement, which brings scientific exploration and understanding to the masses.

When: Wednesday, April 27h at 12pm EST
Where: The Unhangout Room

Despite criticism that some research should be left to the experts, the Brooklyn-based lab continues to thrive. Amateur and professional scientists conduct award-winning research there on projects as diverse as identifying microbes that live in Earth’s atmosphere and (Jorgensen’s own pet project) DNA-barcoding plants from Alaska, to distinguish between species that look alike but may not be closely related evolutionarily.

Bring your questions, ideas, and experiences to share & we’ll see you there!  – @nickweinberg

Invention Buzz – Name this game!

What started out as an April Fool’s joke circuit has turned into a collaborative circuit building game you can play, too!  First player names a power + another bit.  Other players jump in whenever with the next bit of our mystery circuit until someone says “STOP” or “BREAK”, and posts a quick video demonstrating the circuit being used in an invention.  Then a new circuit immediately starts with power.  Wanna see the first invention from our game?  It’s called “Guessing Game” by Alex Pikkert; let’s watch his granddaughters’ demonstrate.  Awww!

Thanks for being AWESOME, Bitsters!  Have a super duper week!  🙂


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