News of the Bitosphere! July 11, 2016

By Adam Skobodzinski

Sensory Objects Kids2

Students from Reading, UK use littleBits to create electronic art for astronaut, Tim Peake!  “Our aim is to help the world not only understand how important it is to strive to become scientists, engineers or even Astronauts, but also the role that culture plays in all our lives.”

Community Hall of Fame

Fridge Door Alarm by Dion, a software developer from the Netherlands who also mentors children at CoderDojo Leiden.

“This littleBits circuit buzzes if the fridge door is left open for too long or hasn’t closed properly, to stop food from spoiling and also to prevent high electricity bills.  So from now on, whenever my kids forget to close the refrigerator door, after 15 seconds they will hear a loud buzzing sound that only stops when someone closes the door… or when the battery is drained, of course.  Please see the video for a demo.”


How have your kids reacted to the Fridge Door Alarm?  “My kids love the door alarm; my youngest daughter even had an idea about using a servo and a cord with a counterweight connected to the door so it can automatically close the fridge door after 20 seconds.”  🙂

New & Noteworthy

While we wait for the #NationOfMaking challenge winners to be announced, let’s enjoy some New & Noteworthy inventions!

Workshop to Create the First Art Exhibition for the ISS led by Kate Allen and ArtLab University of Reading, UK.  Children of Maiden Erlegh School in East Readings, in a workshop with ArtLab created artwork based on Tim Peake and his experiences on the International Space Station.  In an open letter to the ESA astronaut, they offered 3D print files of their art with the suggestion he print them on the ISS to create the first art exhibition in space.

Let’s hear educator, Kate Allen, explain their intent:


Sound Triggered Bubble Machine by GluckWorkshops of Berlin is a fun new video and photo guide of what’s surely become a beloved Bitster pastime.  🙂


R/C Dustmop  TechQueen21 remixed her Gizmos & Gadgets BitBot into this awesome remote controlled floor duster!  🙂


Let’s Collaborate!

A collaboration is an opportunity to try something new with a small group of Bitsters who share similar interests.  First, meet at a live hangout.  Chat about your shared interest and brainstorm ideas for littleBits inventions.  Over the next couple weeks, give & get support from your collaborators by email and on the forum.  Finally, share your invention with the world at!

Read about: Vending Machine Collaboration with Sky holding sound trigger

Join Upcoming Collaboration: Reverse engineer an existing musical toy and redesign it with littleBits Arduino Coding Kit and a Speaker.  New & experienced coders welcome!  Date TBD by participants.  Sign Up Here!

Suggest a Collaboration: Start a new topic on the Invention Buzz section of the forum.  🙂


Thats all for now, folks!  Have a fantastic week & KEEP INVENTING!  🙂


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