News of the Bitosphere! June 13, 2016

By Adam Skobodzinski

Beijing Students

Pictured above, students from Beijing using design thinking to prototype a timed reading light.

Community Hall of Fame

Automatic Candy Dispenser by Sky Shin.  Sky used a deceptively simple circuit to make a completely automatic candy dispenser!  Simply block the light path from a bright led to a light sensor, and a DC motor will will tumble candies directly into your hand!  No muss, no fuss!  YUM!  Let’s watch it work!  🙂


Free Online Summer Camp Starts SOON!

littleBits Online Summer Camp starts on June 17, but you can get started right now by taking the Welcome Challenge.

Wut?  You haven’t signed up yet?  Go sign up for FREE at!  You’ll get a musical mini-challenge delivered to your inbox every morning for a week, plus online mentorship and more!


#ChainReaction Challenge Winners Announced!

You tinkered with tools. You experimented with everyday objects. You created playfully absurd machines to accomplish a simple goal. You broke your machine. And then you fixed it.  The three winners are:

  • Umbrella Opener by Katharos and her two daughters
  • Tea Anyone? by Kosovo Chapter Leader Edona Bejtullahu
  • Candiserv by brothers, Davy and Ryan

Congratulations to all our winners! 🙂 Read full announcement.

Meet the Inventors: Noah & Luke Magill


Based out of Orlando, Florida, Noah and Luke Magill accurately describe themselves as clever, funny, creative, and inventive.  Their fun personalities always come out in their inventions and videos.  🙂

What was your littleBits “a-ha!” moment? The moment you were bitten by the littleBits bug.
We discovered littleBits when a friend of Luke’s used litteBits on his school project. Luke got some from Christmas, and that’s when we realized the possibility of these Bits. It was nice to have convenient size electronic building blocks, and a huge plus that no soldering was required. We started brainstorming and came up with hundreds of ideas.

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Invention Love

Super Star Reading Lamp by students from Beijing, uses an hourglass to keep track of reading time.  After minutes have passed, the light sensor gets blocked by sand and sounds the buzzer.  What a great way to combine low and hi tech!  🙂  Let’s watch Han Haolun 韩浩伦 explain (in Chinese)!

DIY Growing System by Alina Bradford

Grow vegetables in your kitchen with this easy DIY Growing System!  Alina details in 7 easy steps how she filled and sealed an aquarium for seedlings and how she now controls a full-spectrum daylight bulb with bits from the Smart Home Kit.  “I like this set-up because I keep my growing system near a window and leave the light off on sunny days. On cloudy days, I can turn on the growing light no matter where I am.”

DIY Growing System


Fish Tank?  Andre Robichaud shared these videos of a temperature sensor going into his classroom salmon tank.  AWESOME!  🙂



Thanks for being you, Bitsters!  Have a fantastic week!  🙂


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