News of the Bitosphere! June 27, 2016

By Adam Skobodzinski

Cheeseboard keyboard

Make beats & friends with this Cheeseboard Keyboard!  🙂

Community Hall of Fame

Beat Wheel & Cheeseboard Keyboard by BitCaper features a homemade controller made from a paper disk spinning on a DC motor.  When light from a long led shines through hole, the oscillator gets a momentary pulse; altogether the pulses create a rhythmic beat.  That’s only the first half of this musical creation!  The Cheeseboard Keyboard uses the Makey-Makey and MIDI modules to make cheesy music and chimes from wine glasses.  You have to see it to believe it!


#NationOfMakers Featured Inventions

Thirsty for more?  Here’s a small sampling of some fantastic musical inventions you will love!  …  🙂

#NationOfMakers Robot Dancing to Electronic Music – Yuziana and her Dad, Carl (from Amsterdam) made a cardboard sequencer to control two oscillators and rounded out their upbeat track with a Djembe played by a vibration motor.  Join their their 3D printed robot on the dance floor!  🙂


Challenge #1 Triple Seq Synth Beat #NationOfMakers by DJPeterso23662, Poquoson, Virginia, shows what you can do with the Sequencer and some extra Synthy Bits.  “I stayed up late adding more sequencers and more bits to this beat.  I love using the Sequencer bits to create both rhythm and randomness.  Also, a great synth setup needs lots of flashing lights.  There are four layers to the beat.  One uses a filter bit as a sine wave oscillator to modulate another filter.  Great fun!  Check out the videos to see and hear for yourself.  ”


Personal Mini DJ by Alayna Hughes and students from the Berklee Valencia Maker Lab.  “This was a part of our class project to make an interactive Falla as part of the Valencia Fallas Festival.  The body and tables are 3d printed, the person was scanned by a kinect and printed…”

🙂 🙂 It’s not too late for you to join the fun!  Upload your musical inventions with #NationOfMakers by June 30 for a chance to win prizes!!

Get inspired by our Summer Camp Counselors!

Camp mentors and musical Bitsters Arjun, Ed, and Paul shared their favorite projects and big ideas in music. Paul explored the importance of repetition, then answered a bunch of great camper questions about the synth kit. Check out Arjun and Ed’s session to see how you can turn artwork into music using the IR LED bit.  🙂

Events & Happenings!

#HackConIV: Our own Chloe Varelidi went to Colorado and gave a talk to the largest gathering of hackathon organizers in the world!  This year there were 54,000 participants in Major Hack Leagues events entirely organized by students!  Chloe’s talk was called “Kindness is Magic”, and it was about how to thoughtfully scale community, just like we do at littleBits 🙂


#ISTE2016: This young girl (14) made a pill dispenser for her grandpa with dementia at the International Society for Technology in Education, which kicked off this Sunday. #InventForGood  🙂



Bye for now.  Keep on inventing & making music, Bitsters! <3  🙂


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