News of the Bitosphere! June 6, 2016

By Adam Skobodzinski

boycat pingpong icon

“I encourage anyone out there to create their own littleBits character like I’ve done here. Trace or draw. Choose your color. Design a cool cat like yourself! ” – boycat pingpong from Vancouver, Washington

Community Hall of Fame

littleBits Synth Kit Premuim , is boycat pingpong’s vision for a new kit.  Here he is playing two separate circuits, and he plans to add a third.


”The larger “Keys” synth on the right plays melody and rhythm while the other synth plays the beat. The two are synced together using the CV bit and in this example the keys synth is driving the “Beats” synth. When I bring in the third synth to play ‘Bass’ I will sync it with the CV bit and have the beats synth drive the bass synth.”

Do YOU have a suggestion for a new kit?  Assemble the bits, name your fantasy kit, and upload your inventions to !  We’ll take notes.  🙂


Free Online Summer Camp!

This June, littleBits is dropping beats all over the world for a most EPIC event! We are hosting our first ever, FREE Online Summer Camp from June 17-23 as part of the National Week of Making!  The theme? MUSIC. That’s right, we’re getting funky. With the power of littleBits, you’ll create instruments, learn about sound, and maybe even join a giant online dance party!

Here’s how you can join in on the fun & enter to WIN PRIZES!

  1. Sign up now for FREE!
  2. Get a musical mini-challenge delivered to your inbox every morning for a week.
  3. Invent on your own time each day!  You’ll get your work in front of rock star judges, receive online mentorship, and more.
  4. Upload your musical inventions to the Invent page with #NationOfMakers by June 30 at midnight, EST for a chance to win littleBits!

Find out more!  🙂

Meet the Inventor: Cara Larson

Me and Robo-Manatee

Cara Larson, pictured above with her Robo-Manatee and Spinning Colors Doorbell inventions, is an artist who likes sea creatures.  We just LOVE it when Bitsters share their passions with us through inventions!  Let’s watch her Spinning Colors Doorbell in action!  It’s SO pleasing to the eyes and ears…  🙂


When starting a littleBits project, what does your design and video process look like?

“I usually make several rough sketches of what my invention might look like, while brainstorming what materials I could use to make it work. As I build, I take pictures of every step. There is a lot of trial and error, and sometimes the end result may be completely different from what I first had in mind.”

Find more Meet the Inventors Articles!


Bit Bots Battle in Brooklyn!

KOKO Open Source and the Brooklyn Public Library partnered up this past weekend for the second annual “Bit Bots Battle” – an end-of-school STEAM event to celebrate creativity and ingenuity!  Our own Jeremy Johnstone was a guest judge and reports there was “High excitement and enthusiasm” from the roughly 30 school age kids in attendance!  Here we see Terminator Ramp Bot being demonstrated for ooh’s and ahh’s.  🙂

caption this Bit Bots battle

Standout bots also included Robot Diva, Talking Robot, Butterfly, and ARP – Abstract Random Piece.

#ChainReaction Contraptions GALORE!

The May Design Challenge is finished, and judges are deliberating!  While we wait, let’s look at some of the most recent submissions that tickle our funny bones.  🙂

El saludo de IFV #ChainReaction, by BariBits, Bariloche, Argentina.  Check out all the steps required to get their friendly robot to wave hello!  🙂


Chain Reaction: Alarm Clock, by six of Mrs. Nikole Blanchard and Mr. Van Haute’s fourth grade students.  We think you’ll enjoy the commentary… 🙂


KidsInventors Peru – Littlebits #ChainReaction, is by the Tina’s from Lima, Peru.  The girls used a BitBot, dictionaries, a PC, and a Yacker Tracker to create a DIY Alarm.


MORE Fan Art!

Getting fan art from you lovely Bitsters always makes our day!  Keep it coming, and we’ll keep sharing it with the world.  Tag all your littleBits ideas on social media with #littleBits, and remember to upload your inventions to !  We simply can’t get enough!  🙂  Now, let’s enjoy a stop motion animation by Richard Pham.

Thanks for sharing, Bitsters!  Have a stupendous week!  🙂


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