News of the Bitosphere! May 23, 2016

By Adam Skobodzinski

power bits

“With great power comes great responsibility.”  Photo by Rory Nugent, Senior Electronics Engineer at littleBits. 🙂

Community Hall of Fame

Minecraft Smart House – In this week’s Community Hall of Fame pick, Vincent (AKA Vlab) uses the cloudBit module to control things inside his AWESOME Minecraft Smart House.  He connects Bits to redstone to open/close doors,  turn on/off the stairway and lights, AND shine a bright led to let him know if anyone is in the smart house!

He activates all of these functions with a fairly simple littleBits circuit (pictured below), plus some elaborate redstone circuitry.

minecraft house

Great job, Vincent!  If YOU would like to mash up your real life with Minecraft, all you need is the cloudBit, some other bits and our bitCraft mod.  Find out more here:!  Be on the lookout for big bitCraft news and mod updates – coming soon! 🙂

Meet the Inventor: Anahit Tonoyan

San Jose, California


“Anahit and her sister Astghik (pictured right and left, respectively) have been creating some really innovative projects, including BatVision, which was chosen as one of the winners for the Invent for Good Challenge.  We interviewed Anahit to learn more about their process.”

Her newest invention, Optical Reader,  is a macroscopic model of a CD/DVD/BLR reader that has us WOW’d!  She uses a sticker template, mirrored disk, light sensor, Arduino, stepper motor and a homemade laser bit to simulate what happens inside a disk reader.  Take your time watching this video, because Anahit can teach!  🙂

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#ChainReaction Contraptions

The competition is heating up with only 8 days left to enter into the #ChainReaction Challenge!  This is a PERFECT activity to do with an after school group or a class studying simple machines.  Let’s watch some contraptions uploaded in the past week!

Click- Click- Clicker 2000 #ChainReaction by Ms. Kelly Knight’s class, Jacksonville, FL.  Thanks to these kids, clicking a pen has never been more complicated!  They even perform a rap to advertise their contraption!  🙂

Candiserv #ChainReaction by Davy & Ryan.  How would you build a candy machine?  Would you use Lego, or would you use Lego and THIS MANY BITS?


S.O.S. device #ChainReaction by Carmen Wimba & Wimba Robotica Chapter Members from Toledo, Spain

Need help fast?  Don’t worry!  Help is coming in 5 easy steps:

1) Slide dimmer turns on a DC motor
2) that pulls a train uphill
3) that presses against a roller switch
4) that activates a servo motor to dump a marble down hill
5) that hits a sound trigger to turn on SOS written in EL wire!


Mechatronics Engineering Week

Vinicius Bazan, Chapter Leader from Sao Paolo, Brazil, shared with us his experience hosting their first chapter event during Mechatronics Engineering Week.

“It was definitely a very nice experience to bring littleBits to undergrad students. I work mostly with children/teenagers from 10 to 15 years old and use littleBits a lot during the classes (Maker Programs), but being a Mechatronic Engineer, I was sure that the students from the university would like the experience.”
mechatronics week
“We did a Design Challenge with focus on the Innovation Process (such as Design Thinking). The goal was to share with the students what Innovation is and which are the processes that innovators implement nowadays to create innovative devices, services and solutions.

So, we presented the main idea behind Innovation and the Double Diamond Design Process. From that, the groups were asked to create a solution for an everyday problem they face in their dormitories, using technology…” Read more about this event.


That’s all for now, Bitsters!  What will YOU invent NEXT?  🙂


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