News of the Bitosphere! May 9, 2016

By Adam Skobodzinski


“In FabLab Trojmiasto we create a creative community that gives people access to the space and tools needed for prototyping new technologies and build (almost) everything. Stop thinking about it. Do it!”

Community Hall of Fame

Introducing the “semi-intelligent bridge” #ChainReaction by Donald Drake, who currently lives in Berlin, Germany.  “For this Rube Goldberg  (that technically fails at the end from a machinist’s point of view but is a success from a comedic point of view!)  I chose to play around with sphere sizes and a light sensor, as well as using the wireless capabilities to make everything more compact.”  The result is simply mesmerizing!  Let’s watch first, and then review how it works.  🙂

Did you miss anything?  Here’s what happens, step by step:

  1. The yellow marble rests over the light sensor which signals darkness which…
  2. Turns the Motor with the wireless signal bit…
  3. The spinning arm has a magnet on it which uses it to grab a set piece
  4. The marble is hit off with a smaller arm on the main body, which stops the spinning.

Global Chapter Case Study: Fab Lab Trójmiasto

Look inside the Gdynia, Poland littleBits Chapter

Nick Weinberg interviewed Chapter Leader, Pawel Leszczewicz to find out more about this Fab Lab maker space.  🙂

What impact has the presence of littleBits had on your space and/or community?
Working with youth was main reason why we got littleBits. No soldering is needed and if something doesn’t work it is really easy to fix it. We were looking for a tool to make building and creating more powerful, impactful and fun.

LittleBits are a tool, not just destination in my workshops. They have magical force to open some creative doors, especially within kids. I’ve heard kids say “it will move?! But how?? Electronics??! I don’t know anything about it…” and after a while when you look at them, they are fully engaged with sparkles in their eyes.

Read the full article.

Meet the Inventor: Sky Shin


“Sky Shin got our attention when we saw her food dispensing backpack. In fact, it was so clever and well-done, she won the September 2015 Hack Your Backpack Challenge. Sky loves making machines that dispense things and uses littleBits to do so (she’s now made 8 in total!).”

Her newest machine, Pet Feeder #ChainReaction is overcomplicated – just the way we like ‘em!  🙂  Let’s watch it work!

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More #ChainReaction Contraptions!

We can’t wait to see what you’re making for this month’s  #ChainReaction Contraption design challenge!  Whatever you do, keep it complicated, and upload it to with #ChainReaction by May 31, 2016 midnight EST!  You could WIN littleBits!!!  🙂

Let’s check out some more super complicated contraptions by Bitsters like YOU!  🙂

“Close a Book #ChainReaction” was made by 6th graders during littleBits STEMfems Workshop at Scofield Magnet School, where our own Jenny Lawton, Connecticuit Women’s Hall of Fame 2014 Inductee, gave an inspiring keynote speech. 🙂

Rube Goldberg Security System #chainreaction by 7th graders, Will and Xander

Bye for now, Bitsters!  Have a super duper week!  🙂


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