NHK Super Presentation Gallery – amazing projects!

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NHK’s television show – Super Presentation – held a special 3-day event from June 29-July 1, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan and a littleBits project workshop was enjoyed by visitors. With over 3000 attendees, so many parents and children had chance to explore, play and create with littleBits. We hope you enjoy the photos from the event as much as we did – so many inspiring ideas!

Here are some great comments from some of the littleBits workshop visitors:

“It was much more than simple assembly and the process of expanding ideas to make various things was extremely exciting!”

“This was the main reason I came!I had an absolutely great time – just as I thought it would be!”

“Reminded me of manual training classes that I had as a child.”

“Snapping things together with tiny magnets is a great idea! Young children should be playing like this.”

“I felt this was the future.”

“It was fun as I was able to try it with my daughter.”

“I’m very sympathetic to the concept of making a world in which we can be freely creative.”

“My children really enjoyed this experience.”

“It was quite intriguing to see the creative abilities of the children that I was with.”


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