NoVa MiniMaker Faire Recap

By Erin Mulcahy

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littleBits loves MakerFaires! This year we’ve seen an explosion of Mini MakerFaires popping up all over the world. One of our littleBits evangelists Glenn Mossy, who is involved in the DC Robotics Group, headed out to his local faire in Reston, Va. Here’s the scoop from this successful, action-packed day:

The first NoVa Mini MakerFaire debuted on March 16, 2014.  The Faire was a celebration of creativity and ingenuity and featured extraordinary projects by some of the most inventive minds in the area to entertain, inform, connect and grow the community.  The event was organized by a collection of makers around Nova Labs, the premier makerspace in the area.

Participants were a mix of ages and backgrounds, including tech enthusiasts, crafters, homesteaders, scientists, educators and garage tinkerers.  To visit the photo stream from the Faire, check out the Facebook page and Glenn’s blog.

Among the many zones at the Faire were the Technology Square, Sustainability Village, Creativity Central, GEMS Club Take a Part Zone, MLK Jr. EL wire sculpture, 3D printing and the gym filled with Robotics, Makerspaces and Young Makers. And of course, littleBits!


Over 400 families stopped by the littleBits table at the MakerFaire. Everyone was delighted to explore the modules and create buzzing, blinking, spinning, sensing circuits. Glenn (see above) made a robot out of a cracker box with a few lights and servos– it was a big hit! The GEMS club also had a few littleBits Kits to demo during the event.


A young maker, Chris, who was responsible for branding “Strawbees” had a table next to the litteBits booth and after checking out his options, immediately created a Strawbees creation using a littleBits DC motor (see below)!  You can check out the Strawbees page on Kickstarter to learn more about this sweet maker construction kit.


An educator who is using littleBits for teaching a digital electronics course asked about connecting littleBits to an oscilloscope, which is important for electronics design.  Read more about the tools and technology we use in the engineering lab at littleBits here – an oscilloscope is definitely a part of our equipment.


It was great to see so many engaged and happy faces at the event. We look forward to seeing you all next year!


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