Our top 5 Bitsy moments at ISTE

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We officially launched the littleBits Code Kit on June 1, and educators got hands-on at ISTE17 in San Antonio, TX. From games like Rockstar Guitars to Hot Potato… of Doom!, here are the ISTE Bitsy highlights from this year’s conference.

The ISTE conference is a wonderful opportunity to to get inspired by educators and innovators from all over the world, and this year was no exception. The littleBits team was on cloud nine talking with educators and learning from them. Also, we were thrilled to share the new Code Kit with the world.

Even if you were #notatISTE this year, you can count down the top 5 Bitsy moments with us, starting with:

5. Our booth had a Code Kit makeover

We unveiled a brand new booth at this year’s ISTE, and it was groovy. We challenged educators who stopped by to contribute to our interactive LED matrix wall. The LED matrix is one of the new Bits exclusively found in the Code Kit. With over 50 LEDs controlled by oscillator Bits, anyone could generate amazing light-based art. (Plus, Scratch Founder Mitch Resnick stopped by!)

4. We let the kids do the talking

When it comes to figuring out what tools work in a classroom, it’s best to trust a teacher. But what about trusting a student, too? We had student volunteers from Fort Sam Houston ISD who were having some serious fun with Code Kit, as well as several littleBits Lead Educators who joined us at our booth and our Code Kit Lunch & Learns to share their experiences with others.

3. The Code Kit got hands-on

A lucky group of educators scored a spot at our Code Kit Lunch & Learns. A team of Bitsters and Lead Educators led a presentation and a Code Kit challenge using Chromebooks to remix Hot Potato…of Doom! Then, the littleBits Lead Educators on hand took the opportunity to do a Q&A on experiences with coding in the classroom.

2. The Code Kit is a STEM tool for Google for Education

Google for Education selected the newest littleBits kit for its new STEM tools for Chromebooks program, which will help schools everywhere integrate powerful STEM/STEAM learning into their curricula. littleBits is one of the first hardware tools selected for a Google for Education bundle, alongside a learning innovator, Dremel 3D Idea Builder.

1. The Code Kit was voted Best-of-Show

We’re proud to share that the Code Kit was voted as one of Tech & Learning’s Best-of-Show for ISTE 2017 and it’s a huge honor. We share this victory with all the educators who helped bring this idea to life, from inception to co-designing, to beta testing in their own classrooms.

To all educators, thank you for helping us empower students to invent the world they want to live in!

Grace Morales
Education Marketing Coordinator

P.S Interested in learning more on how the littleBits Code Kit can supercharge your STEAM programs? Contact an education specialist today at 917-464-4577 or request a quote.


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