Parents, find a Harry Potter-inspired workshop near you!

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Harry Potter vs. Voldemort Moving Collages by angelamargaret

Start practicing your creativity charms and testing your invention potions – the Global Invent-a-thon is upon us!

School and Global Chapter locations all over the world will be hosting Harry Potter-inspired workshops to celebrate the Magic of Invention challenge this holiday season.

WHEN: December 9-11
WHERE: Global and School Chapter Locations all over the world
HOW: Go here and scroll down to see if there is an event in your area. Can’t find one? Run your own at the kitchen table or garage with this guide!

Need more convincing? Here are three reasons you should attend:

  1. Tie your tech to a story. We all start the invention process in different ways. Some people can jump in, while others need a narrative context for inspiration. Reflecting on your favorite Harry Potter moments is a great way to seed ideas. You can even encourage your kids to write their own stories about their inventions.
  2. Learn that technology isn’t magic. Throughout history, we have attributed things we don’t understand a magical status, leaving us powerless to control them. Not anymore – littleBits lets you tinker with technology that runs our everyday lives: robots, cars, door opening systems, computers, electronic instruments, and so much more.
  3. You’ve never played with littleBits. Or you have more than two kits. The littleBits community is a friendly, supportive space for bringing those crazy ideas to life you never thought you could. If you’re a newbie, WELCOME! And if you’re a longtime Bitster, lend a hand and warm hello.

Now go on – drop your name in the Goblet of Fire before it’s too late!

Liza Stark
Senior Manager of Learning + Engagement


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