Parents, find an Invention Birthday Party near you!

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Grab some balloons, kazoos, and your favorite Bits! It’s time to party!


From September 30 – October 2, locations all over the world will be hosting littleBits Birthday Invention Parties as part of our Birthday Challenge. Our Chapter leaders are armed with confetti and purple swag to throw the best bash ever.

See if there’s a party near you here. If you can’t find one, consider hosting one of your own using this handy toolkit.

Here are your top three reasons to go to the party or throw your own:

  1. Making a project with other people forges deeper relationships. You are problem-solving together, figuring out how to communicate with each other, and developing creative solutions using everyone’s talents.
  2. Celebrate the impact of an epic movement. The Maker movement has had a tremendous effect on education and giving kids and adults new ways to learn and express themselves. Participate in a slice of history.
  3. You’ve never played with littleBits. Or you have more than two kits. The littleBits community is a friendly, supportive space for bringing those crazy ideas to life you never thought you could. If you’re a newbie, WELCOME! And if you’re a longtime Bitster, lend a hand and warm hello.

We can’t wait to see you there!

We love to hear about your invention adventures, so be sure to share all your pics using #happybirthdaylittlebits!

Liza Stark
Content and Community Lead


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