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It’s turkey day, a time to stuff your face with stuffing, eat way too much pie, and hope that the tryptophan calms your crazy uncle down. It’s the same thing every year. Spice things up by turning your Thanksgiving dinner into hands-on invention time with the kids. The littleBits Rule Your Room Kit allows you to turn any conductive material into a touch sensor. That means your turkey can turn on a light, your gravy can play a song, and you can finally find a use for that holiday fruitcake nobody touches! Here are three easy inventions you can make with the Rule Your Room Kit.




Pizza Alarm by @jackandjudebrisson 🍕🚨 Made with the Rule Your Room Kit! #littleBits

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Here’s a fun introductory project to get you started with your Rule Your Room Kit. Simply snap together a power, Makey Makey, and buzzer and connect your alligator clips from the Makey Makey to your food of choice. This is a fun way to learn about electric conductivity while playing with your food. Jude Brisson made this Pizza Alarm during a family invent night.



Now take what you learned about electric conductivity to the next level. Turn your serving bowl into a catapult and turn Thanksgiving into an epic food fight! By connecting one alligator clip to a potatoes and the other to a spoon, you can complete the circuit with every serving. So when the spoon meets the spuds, it’s bombs away! Wait for someone to say “pass the mashed potatoes” and respond “gladly” and let it rip! Hopefully this will be the catalyst to a family food fight to distract you from talking to your family about politics.



If you’re like me, nothing beats a nice Thanksgiving Left-Over-Wich. That’s when you take cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing, and whatever else you have leftover from the night before and compile an epic sandwich. But, if you’re family is like mine, the fridge isn’t always the safest place to keep your glorious Left-Over-Wich. With extended family members staying over, food in the fridge tends to disappear into thin air, and sometimes you can catch the culprit, red cranberry sauce handed. So, I made this Thanksgiving Left-Over-Wich Alarm using the Rule Your Room Kit to ward off those pesky turkey burglars.


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