Pranks For The Memories!

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April Fool’s Day is around the corner, and our office is buzzing with excitement! We’ve got silly handshakes, creepy portraits, and even a joke that you can play on your favorite house cat!

Check out a few of our pranks, made possible with buttons, buzzers, servos, wireless modules, and more.

Prank Handshake

Looking for a simple, yet satisfying, April Fool’s Day prank to make with your Base Kit? We have just the thing! Secure a button on your hand and a buzzer to your arm with rubber bands. Add wires and power up the circuit. Hide everything under a long sleeve and surprise people with your noisy handshake.



Shock Your House Guests

With just a few snaps you can use littleBits to turn an existing portrait or picture into the perfect creepy prank! Have a guest coming to visit you? Prepare to pull off this subtle trick using the power + wire + motion trigger + servo combo. Frame a spooky black-and-white portrait with a set of eyes that change from normal to evil when someone walks by. Better yet, use a photo of you and your guest — that’ll really get ’em running! Let the fun begin!


Wireless Jack-In-The-Box Prank

Prank your friends with this simple wireless project. The buttons send signals through the wireless transmitter activating the servo and buzzer. When the servo moves the jack-in-the-box pops up!



Chair Activated Lighting System

This wireless interaction will be sure to confuse your friends. A pressure sensor on the bottom of a chair leg wirelessly transmits a signal to a servo-activated light switch. When your friend sits on the chair, the lights will go off. When s/he gets up to turn the lights back on, the lights turn on on their own… and so on. Sit back and watch hilarity ensue.



April Fool’s Desk Hack

Bring a coworker’s desk to life with a cleverly placed circuit. Last April Fool’s Day, we pranked a co-worker by strategically placing a series of vibration motors on his desk. With the press of a button and a three timeout modules, the motors began vibrating at different times. The pulse module allowed us to control the frequency of the vibrating motors, which maximized the irritation factor.


Prank Your Pet!

Stubborn cat soaking up your heat? Never fear, the littleBits Grate Defender is here! One of our awesome community members designed this nifty contraption to keep her cat away from the heat grate. The motion sensor senses the sneaky tabby approaching and sets off a buzzer, a flashing light, and a servo. The punked Peanut then backs away slowly, and soaks up some warmth in the sun instead.


What pranks can you come up with? Use littleBits to prank your friends, family, and pets and share your ideas with us!


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