Press Roundup: Announcing the Arduino Module

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The launch of the littleBits Arduino at Heart module received some great press this week! Here are a few highlights:


Ars Technica:


“The new LittleBits Arduino At Heart module, available on its own or as part of an Arduino Starter Bundle, is a simplified version of the Arduino Leonardo. ‘We hope it will pull people in that are interested in Arduino but intimidated by wiring or breadboarding,’ said Paul Rothman of LittleBits.”




LittleBits is aware of just how intimidating these make-it-yourself gadgets can be, so it has just launched its first software-programmable module, the Arduino at Heart. As the name implies, it’s an Arduino core (the same as the Leonardo) designed to fit into LittleBits’ simple, building block approach to circuit boards.”




“The Arduino at Heart module is a tiny, programmable littleBits module that you can connect to your other littleBits parts. Like other littleBits modules, it snaps into place and is incredibly easy to use. As you’d expect, you can upload your Arduino programs right to the module with a USB cable.”




“The snap-together electronics platform littleBits just became a bit more powerful thanks to the new Arduino module . . . The tiny board sports an ATmega 32U4 chip (like the Arduino Leonardo) and is programmable through the Arduino IDE.


The Next Web:

“The Arduino has become the darling of the electronics platforming world, with its easy to use software and hardware. The littleBits magnetically connected electronics modules have made a splash of their own in the world of electronic tinkerers. So it was just a matter of time before these two came together.”

PC World:

“Programming in Arduino can be simple, but complexity increases with device functionality. The Arduino at Heart kit does away with the need to plug in wires, and electronics can be built with minimal programming… As a basic example, modules for sound and light can be plugged or swapped out in Arduino at Heart for interactive digital art. The board can also be used for input when playing Pong or to show numbers on a simple LED display.”




“That ‘no programming required’ point has always been one of littleBits’ biggest strengths; it meant that anyone could start putting stuff together, pretty much by accident . . .  [now Arduino] will snap right into place — no soldering required — just like the other littleBits modules, with one big difference: it’s programmable. You get the programmability of an Arduino, without having to learn the myriad other prerequisite skills. You jack into it via the onboard microUSB port, upload your programming via the standard Arduino IDE, and all of your littleBits modules fall in line.



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