Project of the Week: ButterBot

By Emily Tuteur


Rather than coffee, Milind Sonavane from Pune, India’s MakersPark, drinks freshly churned buttermilk every morning for breakfast. Making fresh buttermilk is a time consuming process, so Milind build an automated ButterBot to simplify his morning routine, and the results look delicious.

The ButterBot combines new and old technologies to make buttermilk the Indian way.

“The Indian way of making buttermilk involves churning curd to and fro to get the fat out as butter, and leave the liquid behind as buttermilk. This is usually done with a wooden stirrer and a rope wrapped around it – tugging on either ends of the rope makes the stirrer churn the life out of the fat.”


Keeping this traditional method in mind, the ButterBot automates the process with the cloudBit and the servo module. Every morning at 8am, an IFTTT recipe tells the cloudBit to activate the servo and start churning the buttermilk. At 8:30, when the buttermilk is ready, another IFTTT recipe turns the ButterBot off.



This beautifully built contraption makes a mean glass of buttermilk. See it in action below!

ButterBot by MakersPark from makerspark on Vimeo.



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