Project of the Week: Garage Door Monitor

By Emily Tuteur

Going away for Thanksgiving weekend? Don’t forget close the garage door on your way out! You can check to make sure you did with this DIY Garage Door Monitor by Leslie Bush.large_9

In her project, Leslie uses a cloudBit and a light sensor to determine whether her garage door is open or closed. If the door is open, the light sensor picks up higher levels of sunlight versus when the door is closed. This readout can be seen in Cloud Control.large_10

Leslie even came up with a solution for getting an accurate reading when it is dark outside by adding a bright LED after the cloudBit: “Under the “Send” tab in Cloud Control, adjust the slider to 100 in order to activate the circuit’s bright LED module. If the garage door is closed, the light will bounce off the door and into the light sensor. If you receive a high input reading, the door is indeed closed!”large_Garage_Door_Sensor_Circuit_Diagram_Revised

Watch the video!


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