Project of the Week: GramoPaint

By Emily Tuteur


Gramopaint is our project of the week (coming to us all the way from India!). It is all things beautiful AND mesmerizing! This arc art generator is powered by littleBits and makes the most beautiful patterns, and the best part is that the patterns change depending on the inputs. The makers, Makerspark, is an Indian initiative dedicated to experiencing the joy of making in the 21st century, and kindling this joy amongst those around us.

The mechanism is made using two DC motors, one to spin the base while the other oscillates the arm back and forth with a custom cam. By changing the speeds of the DC motors with various input modules (dimmers in this case), you can generate all sorts of crazy patterns. Makerspark used a microsequencer to pulse 4 steps of variable voltage through to the motors, which resulted in an interesting floral array. One could also replace the dimmers with a couple of light sensors so that the pattern reacts to your shadow. Oh, the possibilities!

We also must note the sleek and portable design of this piece. With laser cut and 3d printed parts, it is super easy to assemble without any tools. You can also place it anywhere. We want one for the office!

Now sit back and enjoy this mesmerizing video.


Oooh la la!


Place it anywhere!


The circuit




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